Surgical Gowns should be Hygienic and Comfortable

The medical requirements for the products are very high. This is because the parameters to handle the patient should be equipped with hygiene and cleanliness. The medical unit is prone to get infected easily as the exposure to such forces is very high. Thus the products which are used in the hospitals for the patients and the doctors should be optimum in quality and clean. Riway Nonwoven Industrial Co. Ltd. is one such company in the USA which came into existence in the year 2000. The company is engaged in the production, manufacturing, and export of wet and dry woven and nonwoven products, towels and the wipes. They cover huge requirements of the wipes in various industries like medical, home, industrial, cosmetic and baby wipes. Surgical Gown are in high demand in the medical units.

The company has been successful to achieve the various standards of certification for the manufacturing of such products. They have a list of high profile clients who are very happy and satisfied with the products along with their services. The website of the company is also very informative as it has product details of all the items and the clients are free to place an online order as well. They ship their products throughout the country. The manufacturing is done in the USA itself.


With several years of experience, the professionals of the company are able to manage everything right from sourcing the raw materials till completion of the product with complete supervision. The products are made to pass through quality tests before getting packed. They offer amazing process which is incomparable and unmatched in the relative industry.

The material which is used for the manufacturing of surgical gowns is MFI polypropylene which is highly durable, anti-virus and anti-alcohol. The product is used in the hospitals by the doctors before they go for a surgery. The patients are also made to wear such items which are clean and free of bacteria.

The company is involved in the production of a very wide range of products and Neck Paper is one such product which is in high demand in the beauty and cosmetic sector. These are available in the form of rolls and can be used by the hairdressers when they are applying shampoo on their clients. The beauty sector places a high order for such products. The material used for manufacturing such products is very high.