Surgical Gowns – Perfectly Suitable for Medical Professionals

The Riway Group was established in the year 2000 in the USA. They have been involved in the manufacturing of woven and nonwoven dry and wet wipes clubbed with the towels. The products are made with safe materials without the use of harsh chemicals which means that the items are soft on the skin. The products are extremely safe and hygienic for the kids also. The cleaning wipes which are used in the industrial and commercial sectors can keep the premises spotless clean and free of germs. Hence the demand for such products is very high. The Surgical Gown manufactured by the company are highly used in the medical sector. The features of the gowns are mentioned below:

  • The gowns are very hygienic and when the doctors have to deal with patients who are infected with various infections, hygiene factor cannot be overlooked.
  • The materials used for making the product is MFI polypropylene which gives strength and air permeability. The specifications of the product are just apt for use in the medical segment.
  • As the product is disposable, there is no need to wash the products.



They have products which are high in use in the cosmetic sector. The beauty salons and spas use the disposable wipes which are easy to use as these are absolutely no messy and can keep the premise healthy and hygienic. The company ensures that the materials used for the manufacturing of the products are not toxic and do not harm the surroundings in any way.

The company manufactures the Neck Paper which is also used in the beauty parlors for carrying out procedures of beauty treatment. The clients can wear the neck paper around the neck which assures that the liquid used on their hair or face does not drop further down and spoil their outfits. The product is transportable and hence good for use during procedures which require the use of liquids. The item gives the feel of a fabric and hence the quality is a guarantee.

The other products manufactured by the company are also listed on the website and the clients can easily connect with the professionals through email and be assured to get prompt replies to their queries. The products are very popular in the diverse segments and the clients are very happy and satisfied with their services. Thus the company has acquired a reliable name in the market.