Riway News丨Full-Automatic Production Line for Wet Wipes

To meet the growing demand from Western buyers, Riway Group is set for a massive expansion plan. For now, we are investing RM-AWL80, a full-automatic production line, to undertake comprehensive reform to develop our production and business.. With the expansion, we will meet the demand for wet wipes production of our nonwoven manufacturing field.




processparent rolls into support, automatic unwinding, folding, transport, sub synchronous amplitude, length of cutting, stacking, humidifying quantitative counting, synchronous delivering, automatic opening hole, automatic labeling, automatic packing, automatic folding, heat sealing, cutting products and finished product output pressure.




The machine is targeting to produce up to 70 packs with 80 pics per pack for every minute. It has been installed for two days and is undering equipment debugging.