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Riway Brand

Riway Brand

With more than ten years experience of non-woven products manufacture, Riway registed its own brand in 2015, specializing in non-woven products such as the baby wipes and facial masks.

You can buy our products in our online shops as following,

Taobao Shop, https://riway.taobao.com/?spm=2013.1.1000126.d21.yEuzRJ

Micro Shop,  https://weidian.com/?userid=2065951&winzoom=1


Quality and safety:

Riway’s factory complies with GMPc, ISO and CE certified. Water purified by reverse osmosis process,and only the highest quality ingredients and chemicals are used. Our manufacturing process is fully automated, eliminating the quality issues associated with manual intervention. Our manufacturing workshops are aseptic: our workshop staff are subjected to UV sterilization, and all instruments used are sterilized in alcohol. Our manufacturing, packaging and printing are all accomplished on fully automated German machinery ensuring world class product and packaging with colours true to original.


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