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Tender Soft Baby Wipes Exporter China

Tender Soft Baby Wipes

$0.65MOQ : 20,000

Made with Vitamin E, Glycerin, & Aloe
Dermatologist Tested – Thicker and Extra Plush for added Cushion
Made in CHINA
Sensitive Hypoallergenic Formula
Large, Durable Paraben Free, Alcohol Free Wipe

Minimum Order Limit 20,000


Product Description

Tender Soft Baby Wipes

Tender Soft Baby Wipes are free of chlorine bleach. They are moistened with a natural lotion containing aloe vera and Vitamin E that cleanses, soothes and nourishes baby’s skin.

These wipes are thickly textured to provide a good cleaning effect and are gentle on baby’s delicate hands and face.
Why You’ll Love It: These wipes are good for baby’s skin and provide a good cleaning.

Each pouch is easy for you to refill your empty tub and is the perfect solution for all of your baby’s cleansing needs.

Fresh Powder scented Baby Wet Wipes Gentle Cleansing Solution 80 Count Pack Alcohol Free Formula Paraben Free Formula


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