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Bamboo towels
Spa towel

Spa Towels

$3.55MOQ : 20,000

Softness, Durability,Fluffy and Convenient
Good quality material and Good absorption quality
They are sturdy
Economical in nature and cost

Minimum Order Limit 20,000


Product Description

Get soft touching disposable spa towels at very economical cost!!!

The Riway Group is amongst the top individuals dealing in the non-woven industry. They have a good name and reputation among the individuals. They are very well trusted by their users. They produce different types of products. They not only produce the products, but also deal their supply.

Categories of the end products

There are different categories of products produced by them. All these categories are:

Beauty products
Medical wipe
Car wipes
Baby wipes
Personal hygiene wipes
Pet care products
Non woven machinery
Non-woven products

The Spa Towels come under the heading of the Beauty Care products. There are several other Beauty Care Products other than these towels. Some of them include Disposable Gloves, Facial Mask, Cosmetic Pads, Bed Cover, Pillow Cover, Refreshing Wipes etc.

The Spa Towels designed and manufactured by the Riway Group are made in different colours, sizes as well as textures, so as to meet the basic requirements of the individuals. The most preferably chosen Spa Towel is of white colour, whereas different colours of towels can be bought.

Features and qualities of the Spa Towels

Good quality material
Good absorption quality
They are sturdy
Economical in nature and cost

Not at all harmful to the skin as well as the face.

These Spa Towels remain the same for a long lasting period. The main focus of the Riway Group, while manufacturing these towels is the provision of a good quality product to the people. These towels are manufactured, so as to meet the basic requirements of the individuals in the salon. An important factor for consideration of the Spa Towels is their coziness and the fluffiness.

Applications of the Spa Towels:

Beauty care
Child care
Health care
Several other places

The availability of these Spa Towels is in different and sizes that are dependable upon the requirements of the client itself. The price of the towel depends on the size of the towel itself. These towels consist of a high quality thread makes it highly absorbent. They are made of 100 percent cotton. These towels are supplied by the Riway Group at very economical prices. The techniques and the method used for the production or manufacturing of these towels is the natural and practical method of processing.

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