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Medical Wipes

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Alcohol wipes

IPA wipes

Incontinence wipes

Surface cleaning wipes

Patient bathing wipes

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Product Description

Get reliable and Hygienic Medical Wipes manufactured by the Riway Group!!!

Introduction about the Riway Group

The Riway Group is the leading dealer and producer of the non-woven products. The products manufactured by the Riway Group are easily available to their clients at very reasonable price. They have a very good reputation among their clients within the country or outside. They have a team of skilled engineers and employees that are basically working with an objective of satisfying the client by providing their unique services and products.

Different categories of the products manufactured by the Riway group

  • House cleaning wipes
  • Medical care products
  • Industrial cleaning wipes
  • Food service cleaning wipes
  • Personal hygiene
  • Beauty care product
  • Non-woven products
  • Non-woven machinery

All these products are further categorized in their sub categories. The Medical Wipes is a category of non-woven products manufactured buy them. These wipes are further categorized into several other kinds of wipes.

Sub categorization of the medical wipes:
A number of wipes comes under the medical wipes. Their names are mentioned below:

  • Alcohol wipes
  • IPA wipes
  • Incontinence wipes
  • Surface cleaning wipes
  • Patient bathing wipes
  • Alcohol disinfectant wipes
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Instrument cleaning wipes

All these kinds of wipes are applied in the big clinics, hospitals, etc. These wipes are very hygienic by nature.

Uses of all these different kinds of medical wipes:

  • Alcohol wipes: These wipes are used in the hospitals as a disinfectant meant for protection of the body tissues from the entry of the germs.
  • IPA surface cleaning wipes: These wipes are used in the hospitals to clean the tables, trolleys, counter-tops, computer, x-ray machines, etc.
  • Surface cleaning wipes: these wipes are meant for the cleaning of the floor or the surface.
  • Hand sanitizing wipes: These wipes, as the name suggests are used for cleaning of hands
  • Antibacterial wipes: These wipes are used by the individuals, so as to kill the bacteria and the germs.
  • Incontinence wipes: These wipes are meant for soothing and he refreshing skin, so as to protect it from any effect due to irritation. They are used, so as to make an individual free from allergies.

All these different kinds of the medical care products manufactured by the Riway Group are free from any chemicals with no side effect and harm to anyone. These wipes can be acquired easily from anywhere around at very competitive rates.



  • Hospital
  • Family
  • Travelling
  • Hotel


Key Features

Nice absorbance of disinfect
Lint free and bio-degradable
Soft and fine fibre doesn’t stimulate the skin
Can balance the PH of the skin
100% plant fibre or certain%


Basis Weight: 40gsm or be specified
Ingredient: 50%vis+50%PET
Size: 18X20cm
Colors: solid color or client specified pattern.


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