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LCD Screen Cleaning Kit

One of the most expensive components of a computer system or laptop is the LCD monitor or screen. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are easily susceptible to damage and scratches, so it's a good idea to make sure that you don't touch the display surface and that you clean the screen correctly. Our LCD screen cleaning kit is perfect for any brand or style LCD display and simply works great for cleaning your display and keeping your on-screen images looking their absolute best.

LCD prefessional wipes adopts microfiche, the single fibre diameter is less than 0.08 denier, the protection effectiveness to the precision surface is more than the common magic cloth or common microfibre. The cleaning liquid adopts Germany IT technical and recipe, the security features is more than the water based or electrolyte based liquid. The clean liquid doesn't contain any impurity, could clear dust, static and quickly remove the dirty spots. Furthermore, after cleaning, the special glue molecule in the liquid will come into being a protection layer on the LCD surface and offer the LCD longer time protection than common type.

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Key Features:

  • Manufactured in state-of-the-art class 10 cleanrooms
  • Dual packaging allows easy surface de-contamination prior to use
  • Can also be used in traditional, non-cleanroom laboratories
  • Disposable,don't cause scratches and damage the LCD screen
  • One year shelf life at room temperature
  • Specifications:

  • Basis Weight: 50gsm~150gsm
  • 25ml cleaning liquid, 400cm2 micro-fiber wipes
  • Colors: white or solid color
  • Guidelines for LCD, HDTV, Plasma and Computer Screen Cleaning

    Our kits contain some of the best cleaning supplies available; however, they can serve you best only if used properly. Here are a few tips and information for using your quality screen cleaning kit from Photodon.

    Microfiber cloths do an excellent job of picking up dust and removing smudges. They will even remove oily fingerprints from a surface without spreading it around and without any additional cleaners. They are environmentally & economically friendly by reducing money spent on cleaners, paper towels and trash that has been generated. Our cleaner solutions are also environmentally friendly and safe for all types of LCD's, monitors and coated screens.

    LCD screens are not glass! The LCD surface is made of a soft film that is vulnerable to scratches, damage by sharp articles and/or improper cleaners.

    Microfiber Cloth Cleaning Tips: One of the advantages of microfiber cloths is that they can be washed and reused repeatedly. Note: As with other new materials, some of the dyes used to color these materials can bleed when washed.

    For non-critical cleaning, you can wash with normal wash machine load, but avoid washing with anything that might be linty. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners in the washer or dryer. Air-drying is good, but they also can be safely dried at low heat in the clothes dryer.

    For more critical cleaning, wash the cloths separately, either by hand or in a wash machine, in warm water, adding a small amount of detergent. Do not use any bleach or fabric softener and rinse at least one extra time. Air dry or use a clothes dryer on low heat, again no fabric softener.

    Item No. Description Wipe Size Package Method Qyt./20'FT
    FW7101 LCD Cleaning Kits 15cm*20cm 10wipes/pack, 120packs/carton 63360bags

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